Chevrolet CRUZE Sedan for Luxurious Family Car

One of the flagships Sedan Chevrolet CRUZE, a success. This model has been sold in 180 countries as many as 3 million units. General Motors produced Chevrolet CRUZE 2014 itself in the seven plants to be sold to 180 countries. Chevrolet is assembled in 11 countries in 5 continents. The design team of General Motors in South Korea and Germany has been considering the global consumer in the process of development of the Chevrolet Sedan for some months before it was first introduced to the public in South Korea.

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Chevrolet CRUZE Marketing

During the test period, the Chevrolet CRUZE underwent durability tests including extreme weather tests and 210 tests collision to meet product standards in each country in which marketed the Cruse. To customize the vehicle with tastes different in each market, the Cruze is available in three exterior designs; there are 4-door sedan, with 5-door hatchback, and wagon. Cruse driven by five different engines, namely 1.4, 1.6, and 1.8 engines and 1.7-fueled engines and 2 diesel engines.

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Chevrolet CRUZE in Expressive Skills

Chevrolet CRUZE in the expressive skills without showing off and is designed for those who appreciate things that are well-built and of high quality. It will appeal to many Singaporeans who are looking for a car that offers fuel efficiency and outstanding value, and which enable them to express their individualism. While the test driver says Chevrolet CRUZE is far from fast, smooth, impressive crash test scores, a large trunk and fuel economy ratings that either make a practical choice for small car buyers.

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Chevrolet CRUZE base four-cylinder engine is not the most powerful in the class, but test riders said that the optional turbocharged engine has more get up and go for highway driving. Chevrolet CRUZE comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, but a six-speed automatic is optional. Said automatic test driver is not fast transition between gears. What is about Chevrolet CRUZE price? If you wonder so, you have to find it soon.

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Chevrolet CRUZE for Comfortable Luxurious Car

Despite these complaints, the Cruse has a comfortable ride; precise steering and fuel economy ratings are good. With the base engine, the Chevrolet CRUZE gets 22/35 mpg city / highway, although Eco models can get up to 42 mpg on the highway, which is very good for this wonderful design. Whether you choose the Cruse Eco or the basic model, each version surpassed many of its competitors with scores above average in safety.

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The interior of the new Chevrolet sedan is the most important example of a premium vehicle and skill execution. To highlight the key attributes of the interior sportiness, comfort and spaciousness, interior designers give attention to creating a cockpit environment that uses the clean, fluid lines and harmonious structure and appeal to the senses. In addition to the structural integrity, offering full active and passive safety systems makes the Cruse among the safest in its class. Efficient road load Chevrolet CRUZE provides maximum occupant protection in the event of an impact from virtually any direction.

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