Ford Mustang Convertible for Amazing Car Design

Who does not know the Ford Mustang Convertible? As one of the best car creation of the American manufacturer, the Ford Mustang until this moment widely known by his image as the greatest work of Ford’s muscle car. Last January, in the automotive arena North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2014, Ford finally displaying the latest form of the cool cars. Not only that, Ford also gave a surprise to the fans to bring the Ford Mustang Convertible variants of the car that was first produced in 1962.

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Ford Mustang Convertible for Specs Design

Ford recently planned to hold the draw for one unit of the special edition car 50 Years of the Ford Mustang Convertible; this is done as a form of support to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society which is an organization that has the goal of helping scientific research for patients suffering from inflammatory diseases brain and spinal cord. You can find the beautiful concept for specs design with the beautiful special edition for it.

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Ford Mustang Convertible for Front View

Posing in style, 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible promises not just cool looks and elegance of a typical Mustang convertible mounts only. Sector performance of the new car is also maximized in order to fulfill the dream of high-speed enthusiast. It looks perfect with the exclusive front view with the beautiful concept of bright lighting sharp design. For sure, this wonderful Ford Mustang Convertible Luggage would be the best luxurious car in your garage.

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The latest variant of the Ford Mustang Convertible offers three engine variants to choose from. Cardiac pacemakers are used standard 3.7-liter V6 engine-powered 300hp and 365nm of torque. Other variants are Eco boost 2.4L engine that produces power up to 305 hip and peak torque reaches 406Nm. Consideration for the economic concept of the source energy makes this car will be so ecofriendly car design.

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Ford Mustang Convertible for Side View

Especially for the top-end version of the Ford Mustang Convertible in 2015, it is adapting the 5.0-liter V8 engine. With a heart pacemaker sports car is capable of blowing up power to over 420hp with a peak torque of 528Nm. So you can find the powerful car with the horsepower will be driven by yourselves. The elegant side view will make you looks so perfect in your driving seat. Enjoying the days in this wonderful Ford Mustang Convertible for Sale for sure will be best design and concept that make you feel enjoy for having such a great day.

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This Ford Mustang is one of the first productions 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible that should only be produced in 2015 that will come. At the heart of this 2015 Ford Mustang pacemaker has been implanted with a capacity of 5.0 liter V8 engine combined with a 6 speed manual transmission, and power will be produced translucent figure reaches up to 420 hip and maximum torque of 528 Nm. Ford Mustang Convertible will be best design that makes you feel comfort to get ready on the road.

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