Honda Insight Hybrid for Futuristic Car Desig

Four-wheel drive technology continues to evolve rapidly. In addition to meeting the needs of a comfortable ride, hardness also increasingly demands the application of environmentally friendly technologies. Many major automotive manufacturers the world, continues to innovate to fulfill these demands by presenting Honda Insight Hybrid. Here is little bit Honda insight hybrid review.

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Honda Insight Hybrid Design

Purpose Hybrid here means, combining fuel oil with electric-powered propulsion, so it does not continue to use fuel expenses and the impact of emissions on the wane. Honda for example. Japanese car manufacturers since 2009 issued a Honda insight hybrid car and last issued in 2012 the basic concept sedan car for getting environmentally friendly cars, fuel efficient but pay attention to performance and comfort while driving.

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External design, almost like a New Insight FCX Clarity Honda insight hybrid car output is “mysterious” is. He is dynamic with aero street or car concept hatchback, body lines sloping roof to start the back straight on the stern. Thus the design, New Insight including low wind would be class car style. Exterior design also looks sporty seen from the front grille decorated blue lights illuminated the magical car add this. Headlamp bulbs have been known to use energy-efficient LED but a high level of visibility. Same thing for the fog lamp design slim, attractive design are also made of LED.

Honda Hibrid new honda insight hybrid cars for sale

Honda Insight Hybrid Beautiful Exterior Concept

In the Honda hybrid, although the cabin is quite roomy trunk is rather small. The seating is very comfortable; make space for passengers to view much direction. Shape sloping dashboard presents informative panels are easy to operate. Dashboard is also very elegant style; it is because made of quality materials and neat arrangement. Sophisticated features Honda insight hybrid is pinned dominant theme of nature.  Do you know how much Honda insight hybrid price?

honda insight hybrid 2012

Honda Insight Hybrid with Eco Assist System

Among other things, feature ECO Assist system that has three functions. Namely ECON mode button to synergize the engine output control system performance, increase the idle stop, CVT transmission, the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) and cruise control. In addition, to increase the volume of Honda insight hybrid battery charging during deceleration and function saves the use of air conditioning or air conditioning. Speedometer color is quite unique. He can change according to the condition of the car when in use. For example, if you display a blue color that means the consumption of petrol vehicles is somewhat wasteful. Display green economical fuel consumption.

honda insight hybrid trunk space honda insight hybrid mpg

Conversely, if the driver more economical style, number of leaves display will increase or remain. Equipped with an engine of 1.3L i-VTEC with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) which economize fuel. While the Honda insight hybrid in the form of the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild but powerful. The second driver of this alloy will result in maximum power but fuel efficient. Insight engine power 88 hp while the electric motor produces 13 hp. produces a maximum torque of 119 Nm of torque while the electric motor reaches 78 Nm. New Honda insight hybrid cost maybe would be such a big question for you.

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