Lexus ES 350: Affordable Elegant Sedan for Everyone

Lexus ES 350 is one of the luxury sedan models from Lexus the luxury car subsidiary from one of the most famous Japanese car manufacturer in the world. Lexus has been one of the most famous luxury car manufacturers right now in the world since they start to sell globally. Lexus has been known by the unique sense of elegance that is not easily found in the usual Japanese car. Here are the qualities of the Lexus ES 350 that potential buyers should know.

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Lexus ES 350: Elegance at Its Best

The main reason why people will like Lexus ES 350 is the elegance that shines bright from the elegant made of the car. The elegance that people will find in the luxury sedan design is certainly not something that people will normally find in the normal luxury car. It has a certain sense of unique elegance that people won’t find in the European luxury sedan since Lexus ES 350 is a luxury Japanese sedan car.

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The Lexus ES 350 have very elegant details all over the cars body. We could see a very bright light shining with the sharp looking LED headlamps that certainly make the car looks intriguing and also elevating. The headlamp details makes sure that everybody that looking at the front of the car will be stunned by the elegance that the details gives. The car bodies also have many luxurious details in the bodies that will certainly make anybody that looks at the car bodies could feel a sense of trickling walking in their skins.

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Lexus ES 350: Luxury Powertrain

When buying a luxury sedan like the Lexus ES 350 people will expect a lot of things from the expensive price tag that the manufacturer gives to the car and one of the most common expectations is the powertrain. People won’t be disappointed by the V6 engine that the ES 350 have that could give for up to 268 horse power which is a good amount of speed for a luxury sedan. The car also has one of the things that Lexus has been proud of, good fuel consumption that have 31 highways EPA rating.

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Lexus ES 350: Interior Elegance

Luxury sedan has always showed off their luxurious interior as one of their best features and Lexus ES 350 is one of the cars that should show off their luxurious interior design. The materials of the elegant sedan are the luxurious materials that will certainly make the cabin feels like a cabin of a private jet plane. There are also some options for the material colors that will certainly make the potential buyer able to choose their favorite 2013 lexus es 350 interior colors.

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People should remember that the luxury sedan will cost quite some money and Lexus ES 350 price is certainly one of the less expensive luxury sedans that people could find. The ES 350 model cost from $38,000 for the normal engine and $41,000 for the hybrid engine option. Most luxury sedan like Mercedes Benz could cost a lot more. The Mercedes Benz S-class cost from $100,000 to $250,000 and you could see that the Lexus ES 350 is a lot cheaper for the same elegance design.

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