Lexus RX 350: Luxurious Off-road Utility Vehicle

Lexus RX 350 is one of the best luxury cars in the world that has a tough looks combined with the tough engine and all-terrain capability that will help people that have great mobility especially towards difficult terrains. Lexus has been one of the famous luxury car manufacturers and this RX 350 models remains as one of the car model that has a lot of good qualities, especially as a luxury crossover. Here are the reasons why the Lexus 350 is one of the best luxury crossovers in the world.

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Lexus RX350: Luxurious Specifications

People always want to have cars that have great engine numbers in the specification and Lexus RX350 makes sure that the car has great numbers of engine power that could be something that the owner is proud of. The cars have been famous for using good engine that will support its crossover function for people that like to go off-road place. The engine will make sure that any kinds of thick layer of mud or big stones won’t be too much of a hassle for this luxury car.

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The engine that the Lexus RX350 has is the V6 engine with four cams, four valves per cylinder, and dual variable valve timing with intelligence or what has been known as (VVT-i). The car also has a very good emission rating with the ultra-low emission vehicle certificate that the car has that will make the owner of the car help to reduce carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and helps to save the environment. The car could give for up to 248lb-ft of torque that will be really useful for going through difficult terrain.

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Lexus RX350: All Terrain Conquering Capability

The Lexus RX350 have all of the capabilities that will be useful for off-road driving like good front and rear suspension, big wheels, electronic power steering and front wheel drive 6 speed transmissions. The front and rear transmission will make sure that people will feel a good sense of comfort even though they have to go through thick layer of muds or big stones. People will certainly find the Lexus RX350 capabilities of off-road driving a very handy thing to have.

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Lexus RX350: Interior and Exterior Design

The interior of the Lexus RX350 will be the kinds of interior looks that people will expect from luxury utility vehicles. The interior is covered in dark brown or maroon leather that will certainly give a very elegant vibe to the people that driving inside of it. The car dashboard also covered in high quality leather that also bring the sense of elegance that a luxury vehicle needs. All of the Lexus RX 350 reviews praise the high quality looks and feels of the interior materials.

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The Lexus RX 350 price is depends on a lot of things especially the engine options that people choose since the car has some alternatives than the normal engine option. The price starts from $45,000 which is a very fair price for a luxury utility vehicle with all these qualities. People that want to have an affordable luxury vehicle will find the Lexus RX 350 a very great car that have a great sense of elegance combined with great off-road capability.

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