Mercedes Benz ML350: Luxurious Crossover SUV

Mercedes Benz ML350 is one of the most favorite models from the Mercedes M series which is the series for luxurious mid-size crossover SUV. The series has been considered as one of the best luxurious tough car in the world because of its Mercedes elegant touch combined with the tough looks of the mid-size crossover SUV. People that like both tough and elegant luxurious car should choose the car from M series and ML 350 is one of the best car model in the series.

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Mercedes Benz ML350: Powertrain

As a tough looking SUV the Mercedes Benz ML350 have to have a tough powertrain to make it doesn’t just bark but also bite with the horse power. The engine that the car’s power train has is the 3,498 cc (213 cu in) 24V V6 normally aspirated engine that is one of the toughest engines that Mercedes Benz has ever engineered. The engine could bring for up to 306 PS which is a good amount of power that will really suit the mid-size crossover SUV.

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As an off-road car Mercedes Benz ML350 must also have a good transmission and suspension that will give good comfort to the driving experience even in difficult terrain. The new M series have Magna Powertrain transfer case that will increase the comfort that people feel inside of the car. The car also have adjustable 6 terrain driving system that will make the cruising of any difficult terrain will be much easier than ever.

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Mercedes Benz ML350: Interior Looks

The interior of the Mercedes Benz ML3350 is one of the reasons why Mercedes have been considered as one of the most elegant car designer in the world. It has so many great interior details that will make anybody that inside the car feel like they are in a lobby of an expensive hotel. It also has so many elegant touches that will make the car feels more and more luxurious. People will also find many great entertainment technologies in the Mercedes Benz ML350 cabin.

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Mercedes Benz ML350: Exterior Looks

As a mid-size crossover SUV the exterior of the Mercedes Benz ML350 is one of the things that will certainly intimidate and also intrigues people that looking at it. Just like the elegant interior, the exterior also have elegant feelings with the help of plenty of elegant touches but still have the toughness that the base body of the car gives. We could see how awesome the car is when looking at the place where there are people lining up looking at the Mercedes Benz ml350 for sale.

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Since the ML350 is a luxury car model people should expect that the Mercedes Benz ml350 price is quite expensive if compared to the other car brands, especially Japanese cars. People would dig deep for this car since the ML350 will cost to about $50,000 to $60,000. People that have the car won’t regret their decision to buy this car because of the awesome qualities that the car has. The Mercedes Benz ML350 is certainly one of the best luxurious SUV in the world.

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