Mercedes Benz S500: Luxury Sedan at Its Best

Mercedes Benz S500 is one of the cars from the S-series of Mercedes that has been considered as the flagship car models of Mercedes. The Mercedes Benz has been making the S-series of their car as the best-selling luxury sedan in the whole world. As such an elegant luxury sedan the S500 has been considered as one of the best luxury car with plenty of great new technologies, and also great engine capability.

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Mercedes Benz S500: Powertrain

The powertrain of the Mercedes Benz S500 have to be very awesome since the flagship of the Mercedes Benz should be in the standard that not many luxury sedans could meet. The engine capability of the Mercedes Benz S500 twin-turbo V8 could give for up to 455 horsepower which is a very great amount of power for luxury sedan. People that have a lot of money and end up buying this luxury sedan won’t be disappointed by what the powertrain has to offer.

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The newest model of the Mercedes Benz S500 also have the hybrid engine capability that will give a much better fuel per miles consumption level that will help the driver to save some gas money and also help to save the earth. The hybrid engine will have a slight reduce of power but since the power of the engine already great we still can feel a great amount of power from the luxury sedan. The luxury sedan won’t be left behind at all in terms of engine technology.

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Mercedes Benz S500: Interior and Exterior

The interior of the Mercedes Benz S500 is from top notch material and designed by top notch designer that makes sure that the design is the best distinctive Mercedes Benz interior design that they could give during that year. The interior will certainly be one of the most elegant and luxurious luxury sedan designs that people could get. Therefore people that want the most luxurious design of a luxury sedan should choose the S500.

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Mercedes Benz S500: Safety Features

One of the main features of the S-series like the Mercedes Benz S500 is the safety features of the car. Mercedes Benz always makes sure that their flagship cars have the best safety features that the car could have. All of the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz s500 for sale features many safety features that not many car companies have in their model like the side airbag SRS and many other safety features. Mercedes Benz has been receiving a lot of award and praises because of the safety features that they plant in their cars.

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As for the safety, Mercedes Benz also produces one of the safest cars in the world with the S-guard armored luxury sedan. The S-guard will be one of the best and safest option for world leaders that want to have luxury car that could also protects them from bullets and explosions. Mercedes-Benz s500 price will be the price of the top notch world class luxury sedan that range from $250,000. People that want to experience and have the best luxurious drive in the world should try to buy the Mercedes Benz S500.

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