2015vKia Soul EV Offers the Beautiful Electric Car

After a short time ago was officially launched in the United States, now the South Korean car manufacturer will announce the price of their latest electric car with the New 2015vKia Soul EV. In the United States, luxury 2015vKia Soul EV Price are sold at a price of around US $ 34,495. The price is quite fantastic but the price is still very affordable. For lovers of electric cars, this is the perfect opportunity to get this electric car. You will get the beautiful car which has so many beauty and benefits for better life.

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2015vKia Soul EV for Review

By removing the Kia Soul EV on American soil, of course this will give a touch competition to other electric cars like the Nissan LEAF is first launched. It’s just the price of the 2015vKia Soul EV is much more expensive compared to its competitors is the dispute about US $ 4,000. The electric 2015vKia Soul EV Review is designed to have the advantage of them with the power to drive a short distance away.

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You can imagine the advantage in this 2015vKia Soul EV, where in a single charge alone makes this unique city car can travel a distance of up to 149.6 km. It is indeed not surprising because the runway at the Kia Soul EV is equipped with a capacity of 81.4 kilowatt electric motor that can generate power to 109 hip and peak torques to 210 lo-fi of torque. It is so wonderful, is not it?

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2015vKia Soul EV Specs Design

Another advantage is that we can get though the 2015vKia Soul EV uses only electricity, but the resulting acceleration turned out pretty good which is to reach the speed of 0-100 km / h only takes less than 12 seconds. While the maximum speed that can be achieved could touch the figure is about 144 km / h. That means, we can maximize our long journey in a short amount of time with this luxury car.

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Charging the battery of the 2015vKia Soul EV itself did not require a long time, just 33 minutes from the electric car’s battery has been charged up to 80 percent and is ready to be used for everyday activities. The use of batteries also needs our attention, so we can use the battery in the long term. However, the quality battery of the car in order to make you does not have to worry about the ability of this luxury 2015vKia Soul EV.

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