2016 Ford Fusion for Luxury Car

2016 Ford Fusion for Luxury Car will come to in the North American International Auto Show 2015. It comes in beutiful face design with the new generation style. It would be good news for everyone who are waiting for this beautiful car design.. This car is designed as the luxury car design. This 2016 Ford Fusion review will help you to decide the great car, especialy with the specs, and an additional item in this wonderful car.

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2016 Ford Fusion with New Face

2016 Ford Fusion is designed perfecty with the elegant new face. The additional change in this car is about the front grille, beautiful concept of the headlights, front side of the bumper / rear, unique and elegant fog lamp.

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Meanwhile, this car also brings the petrol engines, and additional of hybrid and adding the great plug-in hybrid. It is designed to get the efficiency of consumption of fuel oil. This car promises the owner with the safety and the comfortable feeling which will make everyone falls in love with the special design. You will get the beautiful concept of this car soon.

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2016 Ford Fusion is design by completed 1,6 liter Eco-Boost engine where it is design with the stop and start system. This car offers the great experience of the driving an elegant car design. For sure, it would be best to know more about 2016 Ford Fusion specs where the car is more efficient and more elegant that the previous style. This car would be such a beautiful car design for your life partner.

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2016 Ford Fusion for Specifications Design

While gasoline for this luxury Fusion Energy plug-in hybrid in 2016 is designed to be able to penetrate 35.4 km / liter, for more powerful is about 0.35 km / liter of the electric model of cars. It means that the car is more efficient than the Chevrolet Volt or the other car from  Toyota like the Toyot Prious. This wonderful 2016 Ford Fusion will be such a great car design.

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2016 Ford Fusion will be sold in North America in 2015. Outside of North America will be on sale from the first quarter of 2016. Ford Mondo is another name for the Ford Fusion outside of North America. This car will be a luxury car that will give you a concept car that is comfortable for you. This 2016 Ford Fusion will be a luxury car and into the car of your choice.

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