About Automotive Aftermarket Development

If you are an automotive lover, you should be familiar with automotive aftermarket. It is the secondary market which usually happening in the automotive industry. They are focusing on almost same with an automakers do such as manufacturing, distribution, remanufacturing, retailing, accessories until equipment.

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Of course that is all will be happened after the sale of the automobile by the original equipment manufacturer, before going to the consumer’s hand. They provide a wide variant of parts and qualities from bad until very good qualities and also the prices. The main benefit here is that the consumers are offered by option of repairing. You can repair do-it-yourself and you give the problem to the professional or usually called do-it-for-me.

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The developments of automotive aftermarkets all over the world have huge advantages on financial segments. You can see from the U.S automotive aftermarket who has recorded the worth at $318.2 billion in 2013. They are also able to employ around 4.2 million people who divided into three segments, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and repair shops.

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This is a huge number of a company, right? In addition, this value will be increased more and more through the years which happened on the online sales of U.S aftermarket in 2013 that an aggressive movement from the accessories since 2012 and 2013.

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Online and Chain stores

There are two kinds of automotive aftermarket nowadays which available, they are online retailers and retail counter. We know that technology has unlimited features now, it makes the online retailers such as Amazon.om and eBay Motors have dominated the aftermarket. They defeated chain stores or retail counter such as AutoZone and Auto Parts with revenue 25% in 2014.

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The chain stores have to increase their DIFM (do-it-for-me) services in order to keep their consumer stay with them. Thus, aftermarket still trusted retailer in this world.

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