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Job is something difficult to get nowadays if you do not have any education background. You need some certify to get them easily. Become engineering is one of the good choice of job. It is one of promising job which you can do than other professional job. However, you need a school or college which gives you certified. Thus, you need to find what kind of automotive engineering that you want to choose. If you are confusing what the appropriate skill that you have is, we will show you kinds of automotive engineering. Hopefully, you are able to pick after reading this article.

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Safety Engineering

The first one of automotive engineering is safety engineering. You know that safety is the main concern when automakers are creating their vehicles. You have to do many assessments of crash scenarios and also the impact will be happened to the occupants. Of course, the government regulations are the fundamental in safety testing. For the example, seat belt and air bag testing which should fully functionally and many more. Those tests are done by Computer crash simulation, full vehicle crashes and dummies test.

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Fuel Economy/Emissions

Other interesting automotive engineering is about testing fuel economy or emissions. The fuel economy is measured by the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It is usually using miles per gallon or kilometer per liter. Besides of Fuel or gasoline, emissions also should be measured by engineer such as carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Vehicle Dynamics

Last but not least, vehicle dynamics engineering. You should measure about handling, steering, braking and traction of vehicle. The qualities and quantities become the most important things of this engineering because they have to get many criticize by customers.

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There are plenty of engineering that you can apply in any automotive segment and we cannot show all of them in this very short article. Automotive is unlimited world. You are free to choose what do you want.

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