About Automotive Light Bulbs

Automotive come in modern era nowadays. There is plenty of high-technology features included on the vehicle from SUV until sports car. Automakers always do hard work in order to become number one on the top of market. One of the features is automotive light bulbs.

automotive light bulbs

They are the eyes of driver at the night and fog. They should be featured any vehicle in this world because of their important function as lighter and number one directional way for you through the road. Today, we will discuss about the types of automotive light bulbs. We will give you some explanation of them in order to increase our knowledge especially as a driver.

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Types of bulbs

You just need a few minutes to decide what automotive light bulbs you want. Sometimes we are not satisfying with the default bulbs setting of our car that are implemented by automakers. Thus, we need some replacement to fulfill our desire, right? The automotive bulbs come from HID xenon, blue tint until eco-friendly. Here are the types of light bulbs that usually available on the store.

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High Vision

These bulbs will give you higher field of vision. If we compare with standard bulbs, the capacity is 120 percent brighter than it. They are suit for huge car such as truck and van such as LED lamps, etc.

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Vision & Styling

They are a combination between excellent field of vision and styling design. Styling here means that you can create some unique combination of colors of your light bulbs such as with light with a green tint. They are appropriate with sports car and SUVs.

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Eco & Long Life

These types of bulbs have last longer durability than usual or standard bulbs and they are also less energy with same output. However, the light output is lower than high vision bulbs. Usually they are fitted with hybrid or other Eco-Friendly vehicles.

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