Audi Prologue Concept the Evolution of Design of Four-Ringed

Audi prologue concept which was launched in Los Angeles has a two-door to compete with other rivals for the S-Class Couple and the direction of future design for A6, A7 and A8. The Audi prologue concept has been launched at the Los Angeles Motor Show which shows a design direction which has been revised for the German brand, and leads the next generation of A6, A7 and A8. Audi prologue show car is called a signature car for Audi and this car also can be called as the new Audi A9.

Infinity Q60 Concept Design

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The review of Audi Prologue Concept

This two-door coupe is featured by a 4.0-liter of TFSI petrol engine which has been turbocharged, and tuned to produce 597bhp. You can also get the 750Nm of torque and you can drive it from 0 up to 62mph in 3.5’.

Meanwhile, instead the impressive performance of this two-door coupe, you will just have to take 199g/km of CO2, and it is because the 48-volt of system which is called mild hybrid that produces energy which has been wasted under braking. Audi prologue concept is also featured by an eight-speed automatic gearbox which becomes the famous quarto four-wheel drive of Audi. The air suspension and a four-wheel drive steering system are perfect which offers a perfect blend of responsive handling and comfortable drive.

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The Audi prologue concept is lower and shorter than the A8 saloon which is current but that is not mean that a Audi prologue is a small car. This to-door coupe is still more than five meter long and the width of this coupe is 1.95 meter. This Audi prologue show car has huge front grille which gives the car a stance that can be imposed and gives the drivers a good enough idea of what all future of Audi’s car will look like.

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