Electric Vehicles History and Advantages

According to the increasing up of gasoline’s prices, it makes many automakers to think hard in replacing their conventional fuel into eco-friendly and affordable one. Electric vehicle is one of the solutions that they have concerned.  Electric vehicle (EV) usually use on or more electric motors or sources for propulsion.

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The power was produced by power plants such as battery or generator. Actually electric vehicleis not a new concept or modern vehicle. It was found since mid-19 century when electricity is one of the newest inventions at the moment. Then, it has been developed until now by big brands manufacturer such as Mercedes-Benz and Toyota.

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Thomas Davenport is one of the founders of electric motive power which was operated by a miniature electric motor in 1835. This was developed again by Robert Anderson with his invention of crude electric carriage between 1832 and 1839. And now, we can see electric vehicle like cars and rail transport which using electricity as its powertrain in 20th century

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Moreover, EV was the earliest automobiles before the powerful internal combustion engines, etc. It based on the data which gathered in 1900 that 28 percent of the cars on the road were electric in United States at the moment. In addition, the Mr. President at that time, President Woodrow, had toured Washington DC with his secret agents by Milburn Electrics which provided around 60-70 miles per charge

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The main benefit of electric vehicle is at the environmental segment. You will not see the pollution through it rather than internal combustion engine vehicle because it releases no tail pipe air pollutant when it is operating. Although there is a few of pollution, it is still the winner if we compare with conventional vehicle.

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Next advantage, it is the mechanical segment.You know that conventional engine cannot regenerative the fuel, but EVs can do that easily when you are braking or over the full range of speeds.

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