How To Use Auto Touch Up Paint

Rock chips are the most problem in every vehicle especially car nowadays. They are a kinds of car paint damaged that make forms like chips. These chips derived from small rocks which usually hit your car while driving in high way or road. Thus, to fix this problem you need an auto touch up paint that available on the workshop, garage and even dealers. It used for omitting rock chips and make your car paint fresher than before. Actually it is like a paint brush but it is smaller and special for car paint only. Today, we will show you some steps how to use touch up paint for your car.

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How to get?

The first step, you need to buy a product of auto touch up paint. You can find it easily on automotive stores such as dealers, workshop, etc. The prices depend on the quality of touch up paint. Of course high-quality touch up paint will more expensive.

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We recommend you to buy the affordable one or based on your budget. However, you need to know your car’s color codes in order to fit it with your car paint. There is two ways to get car paint codes to your car. By asking on the dealer using VIN and you find by yourself on inner of your car’s door panel. It should be written as “c” as the beginning of the codes. Once you get them, but the appropriate touch up paint and then you are ready to omit rock chips.

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How to use?

We have a trick to use your auto touch up paint. It is by using matches or matchsticks. It would be the secure way to paint the rock chips than the default brush which comes with the touch up paint. Then, you need to shake it before you use the paint to make it liquid. At last, open the brush and put your matchstick on it before painting on the rock chips.

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