Infiniti Q60 Concept Design

For those of you who are looking for sports coupe car, you have to try Infiniti with its famous Infiniti Q60 concept.  Infiniti Q60 concept was launched at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The tow-door concept is awesome as the next sport coupe of Infiniti. Infiniti Q60 concept is an elegant lifestyle two-door coupe which is original. The unique combination of contours which are eye-catching, adequate power and premium with high quality gives the customers an incredible and fresh style of coupe.


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The two-door fastback is the concept of this car and become the trademark since the production of this car. Infiniti is adding its line up to cover the spectrum from smaller premium cars, which are Q30, to full-size vehicles such as the Q70L. The Infiniti Q60 concept is the reflection of the intention of Infiniti to become the leader in the segment of mid-size car and to strengthen its legacy as premium brand vehicle.

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The design of Infiniti Q60

The designer of Infiniti create sports car with a powerful engine to reach high performance on the road. And the result is so amazing from the sharp edges, precise lines and striking dips in the sides of the body, all of these features are stand together to make the Infiniti Q60 concept a strong presence on the road.The designer also gives this Q60 concept the wheels with an athletic profile. The 21-inch wheels are giving the Infiniti Q60 concept domination among other competitors in the US market.The exterior of this car has three-dimensional textures and craftsmanship which is very meticulous. The carbon fiber which is located in the door makes the performance of the car smooth. The control of driver is very easy to handle and makes the driver confidence to drive this amazing sports car.

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