Jaguar’s C-X17 Concept: Jaguar’s Debut To SUV

Debuts at the Frankfurt auto show, The Jaguar’s C-X17 is the mark of the first time the car maker release an SUV or crossover. From the C-X17 concept’s interior, the SUV looks ready for production version so shoppers should not wait longer to buy the car.  But, the Jaguar has not confirmed whether the production car will be available in the dealership.

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The supercharged V6 3.0-liter engine of Jaguar’s C-X17 shares the XF and XJ’s that is connected to 4-wheel drive. This system is more of an experiment and it can both look good and fit together. This size of engine would be appropriate for a vehicle this size. The inline 4 and V8s can be expected to be available for the next several years. The 4-wheel drive is expected oriented for on-road driving, not off-roading.

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Exterior And Styling

The Jaguar’s C-X17 has the same size with the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3 and is built on new, supple all-aluminum structural design that’ll be used to support many of Jaguars cars in the future. Ian Callum obviously designed the fascia and its nose is meant to suggest the XJ’s. The rest of the design is undistinguished meaning the side shape could be from a number of other carmakers although it’s an unattractive car. The front looks taller than required due to the wide air intakes under the headlights. The taillights are much to like in the F-type–style. The car is finally released after two years the Jaguar executives first mentioned a crossover although there is not much more to offer from this C-X17.

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Materials used in Jaguar’s C-X17 are very respectful and high quality. They are used the way they want to work. There is not much wood in car interiors. Instead, there will be a lot of saddle leather that reflects craftsmanship splendidly and is a very up-front material.

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