Specification And Review Of 2015 Ford-Mondeo

This Ford-Mondeo has been long to wait for its release after first shown in late 2012. Due to the global recession, it was delayed until later the following year. The Mondeo was pack away afresh as production was moved to Spain when Ford closed its factory in Belgium. Now it finally arrives in 2015. Mondeo is already on sale in the US as the Fusion with impressive sales. The inside of Mondeo is pack with quality and upmarket equipment unlike the usual family car competitors.

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Ford-Mondeo is a big car like its predecessor. It actually has the same wheelbase as previously but is only faintly shorter than a Jaguar XF. Ford adds a splash of coupe-like feel to the profile to bring wonders with the styling and makes it look a lot less massive than the former model. With an enormous cargo and back leg room, it still has gigantic amount of space inside that could compete the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It feels extremely sophisticated from behind the wheel with excellent sound insulation and no noise at speed.

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An economical TDCi 1.6 diesel engine is an ideal motorway cruiser that generates 94g/km and gets 78 mpg of fuel economy in combined driving. There is also a small EcoBoost 1.0-liter gasoline engine with 125PS but it should give decent performance. But, it’s probable that the EcoBoost 1.5-liter will be more popular choice as well as Ford’s reliable TDCi 2.0 engine. The Ford-Mondeo Hybrid will also be available although it only comes as a sedan.

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There is a sense of quality formerly unavailable on any Ford model when driving throughout the latest Ford-Mondeo. It’s an excellent all-rounder as a family car and could mark a big different in how people see the Ford product. The Mondeo still has incredible steering considering its size although the piloting isn’t quite as sharp as its forerunner. But, it is above the competition for overall score.

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