2016 Toyota Prius Reviews

2016 Toyota Prius hybrid probably retains the same shape as the previous model year but there are a couple of changes in several important ways. In this article, you will see a couple of confirmed facts and rumors that you will know about the next most popular hybrid car in the world.

The same shape

Toyota Prius is the quintessential hybrid, a visual icon and one of the most recognizable cars on the streets all over the world. But there is something that you have to know that the shape of this Prius is an extremely aerodynamics which is completed with rounded front, high truncated tail, gradually sloping roof and steeply raked windshield. If it is possible, Toyota will retain that shape and work to make this Prius even slipperier to battle through the air by using less energy than other previous cars.

No flying buttress

Meanwhile, 2016 Toyota Prius will not have the polarizing flying buttress console design which was designed in the 2010 version. Even though it is visually striking, but the high slash of hard plastic dividing the front passengers which was made the car less usable, and you it requires a stretch to reach floor bins which is located underneath it from toll tickets, mobile phones, sodas, money and all the rest of the goods that you carry when driving. According to the use of the dashboard in many developer cars which is very similar to the one that Lexus CT 220h has, many critics say that, the buttress is not god enough for this car.

Lighter lithium-ion battery

The Prius has been used nickel-metal-hydride cells in the high-voltage battery pack of the car since the very first Toyota Prius was arrived at dealers in japan in the year of 1997. At this point, Toyota can probably build the chemistry which is durable and well known for less than any other manufacturers in terms of its volume. Nowadays, Toyota offers two cars which are completed with lithium-ion packs: Prius Plug-in hybrid and Prius V wagon which can be ordered with a small third-row seat in Asia and Europe.

Made in USA

Another fact of the 2016 Toyota Prius that has never been told was a plan to build this car in the United States of America. The 2016 Toyota Prius will be manufacturing in Mississippi that many Highlander crossover utility vehicle had been targeted to build originally.


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