Solid And Advanced 2015 Ford Edge SUV

The 2015 Ford Edge is the Ford’s new large SUV that has been revealed for information and specification. This SUV is the Ford’s top of the line SUV range topping the Ford EcoSport and the Ford Kuga. Those three models are available with four-wheel drive equipment. The Edge is an all-new model although the name has existed since 2006in the US as the Ford’s strategy to sell models across the world with small changes.

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Safety And Convenience

The 2015 Ford Edge provides exceptional interior quality by having a 10-inch touchscreen display and a leather-trimmed dashboard. The SUV seems offer above the standards of the more luxurious Audi Q5. The Edge will come with more interior room than competitors of the same price which means a seven seat is not an option as it will put the Edge at a detriment matched to models like the fresh Nissan X-Trail.

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The 2015 Ford Edge is equipped with inflatable back seatbelts which aim to deliver a more dampening effect than a common seatbelt. Other important equipment includes a blind spot caution system, active cruise control, traffic sign recognition, sovereign emergency braking to avoid low-speed thrusts, and a lane keeping support to help steering the car in lane.

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The 2015 Ford Edge has a bulbous chrome grille, 20-inch alloy wheels, solid guises, LED headlights and tail lights. Ford focus on fit and finish in the design of the SUV to give the model a solid feel including the small details like how the front doors encounter the dash.

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Specification and technology

The 2015 Ford Edge is offered with lots of stimulating new technology for easier driving and comfort and appeal consumers. One of the biggest changes is adaptive steering that help to modify the steering reacts according to speed. This means only small steering inputs will be required at city speeds during maneuvering while the steering will be heftier and sluggish at high speeds for better stability. Active Noise Cancellation is also a helpful instrument by using the car’s stereo to neutralize undesirable noise from getting into the cabin. The human hearing is imperceptible to the system.

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The 2015 Ford Edge features a Front Split View camera providing a 180-degree view for the driver from the front of the SUV. This instrument is very convenient for getting into fitted parking spaces or when pulling out of intersections. A heated steering wheel, a power closing boot lid, heated and ventilated front seats and SYNC 2 voice command control system are some of the high-tech features.

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