2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed First Look Review, Release Date, Price

The B logo of 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed has been interested us to review this car deeply. Let us see how well this car claimed as best coupe for this year.

First Look 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed

The 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed comes with a new bumper which is showing the Big B logo from its automakers, Bentley. This bumper is paired with small radiator which gives more stances for the engine and hood of this coupe lying. Some cosmetics also feature the chrome fenders on the front here. Entirely, the front body of new Bentley is very modern and iconic.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed

We can easily recognize this car’s bumper only from the distance. Meanwhile, the rear body has been reshaped in order to give more profile especially at the strip lines and wheels. For your information, this coupe has 21 inches alloys wheels.The interior comes with minor updates unfortunately. There is just a view revised things inside. We have seen some new pattern for the seats.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed design

Then, the LED illuminates some premium lights for the passengers. Furthermore, gearshift paddles changed into larger size now. Overall, those features are the standard updates for luxury coupes out there. You can try a new steering wheel with sportier design plus Wifi connection. All those optional features are priced at a thousand three hundred thirty dollar on the market now. If you need something silky and durable as leather seat, you need to add $3200 for these things.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed interior

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Release Date

The release date of 2016 Bentley Continental has been announced in the summer 2015. Now, the car is on sale for global market. There are two models coupe and convertible versions which available for Continental GT Speed and we will elaborate the price in the next section. Inside the hood, we found 4.0 L V8 engine. This next-level engine is able to pump out around 521 horsepower and 502 ft-lb of torque. Based on the first-drive review, this car can reach 0-60 mph just for 4.3 seconds, thanks to the 8-speed ZF auto transmission which work perfectly with the hand-brake.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed review

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed Price

We have some confirmation about the price of Continental GT Speed on trusted sites. Bentley prices this car for $214,425 as the starting MSRP. It excludes some important features such as faux-leather, audio and many more. If you want to complete all options, you have to add around $44,020 more for the premium features. Is it worth to buy this car? We can claim it is because the standard model is actually bringing the prestige and elegance easily on the road. Those optional features are just only adding comfortable feel for the driver of 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed price