2017 Lincoln Continental First Look Review, Interior and Price

A couple of months ago, the first details of the brand new 2017 Lincoln Continental have announced. The concept of the car has been unveiled at New York Auto show. Even though Lincoln Continental was substituted by MKS and the naming strategy of the new Lincoln does not look encouraging, the name of Lincoln Continental is very important for huge fans out there in the United States and the 2017 year model will be on the line up.

2017 Lincoln Continental

Design 2017 Lincoln Continental

All of the newest Lincolns are limited by the latest CD4 platform of Ford. You can see it in drive train department. All of the models of the car will be all-wheel or front-wheel drive that leaves no area for good old rear-wheel drive. Meanwhile, the current styling of the Lincoln is flashy, while Lincoln Continental was represented as grow-up vehicle which is supported with conventional design. At the concept car, suicide doors are not in the platform for the next generation of Continentals. 2017 Lincoln Continental will be different than newest models if it becomes a new flagship sedan of luxury lineup of Ford and will inspire all-new generation of cars.

2017 Lincoln Continental Design

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior

All of Lincolns are featured with high-tech models which are supported with superior refinement, and whatever happens, this will never change. Like MKS, Lincoln Continental will provide natural wood veneers and leather upholstery for refined look. There are a couple of spaces in large cars like this, but 2017 Lincoln Continental will push the limit even further. Meanwhile, the driving dynamics of the car will suffer if the it larger than MKS.

2017 Lincoln Continental interior

In terms of infotainment purposes, this car will feature touch screen display, while Harman is featured for Audio. A lot of auto reviewers expect that this brand new Continental features heavy surround sound system which is supported with speakers and power. The cabin also is supported with all safety features and a couple of more advanced ones. It means that lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist will be available together which is completed with adaptive cruise control and active park assist.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review


The large car like Lincoln Continental cannot provide better fuel economy ratings more than 20 mpg which has been combined. You do not expect that 2017 Lincoln Continental will start from around $40,000, even though MKS to do it. This iconic sedan will have price tag more than $60,000. In terms of competition, price is one of the advantages of the car.

2017 Lincoln Continental price