Taking a Deeper Look into Opel Insignia

For those who love automobile, the brand Opel Insignia should be very familiar. The company was first established in Germany. The company has later launched Opel Insignia in Australia. Now that it has been displayed in several events, let’s find out more about Insignia here.

Opel Insignia OPC Design

There are both some plus and minus points about Opel Insignia OPC design. The plus points are first, it is really a suitable car for a family. It is roomy that it keeps your family members comfortable even if you bring a lot of stuff. It is also equipped by a shock absorber which gives you two driving options; OPC or Sport. When you choose the OPC mode, the maximum one, you will be amazed by this car’s ability to sit flat. This car will remain stable even when you drive quickly and turn to pass some corners.

It also has bucket seats and brakes, the ones from Recaro and Brembo. Recaro and Brembo are what automobile lovers would love to have. It is because these two produce and have the top products. Meanwhile, the minus points of this car are first, the design is still less good compared to other cars. Second, the ergonomic features are still below expectation. Bluetooth is available, but connecting it to your phone requires you to go to the setting menu first. It cannot be done directly by pressing phone button on your dash. If you are still curious about Opel Insignia OPC design, you can always find more information in Opel official page.

Opel Insignia OPC Tests

Like other manufactured cars, Opel Insignia OPC has to be tested first before it is officially declared safe. It has been an important process before a type of car is launched. It has been driven along various tracks. Some drivers have seen its steadiness when it is driven on a 40 degree slope. The drivers have also driven it on a long unwinding track which has two U-turns. The tests do not stop just here. The drivers then drove it on various road surfaces such as the rocky, bumpy, and curvy roads. All of these are done to show the company’s commitment to ensure the drivers’ safety and satisfaction. It is because driving a car is not only about how safe it is but it is also about how fun it is. If you still seek more information, let’s find here.